December 2007

Hey, I have two things on my mind: First, I was looking back ant your hate mail and I particularity noticed the one you posted on May 29th from an angry parent. The reason I am telling you this is that I had a very similar experience via Myspace this summer with the father of a 16 year old girl from that I knew through my family’s church. I just wanted to tel you that I really liked the way you responded, and that I wish I could had handled it the same. It was really hard on me because I had had someone make me feel like absolute trash in that manner that I had never felt before, but I really liked the way you dealt with it. Kudos on that

The other thing I was wondering about is what is your perspective on Eastern Religion and philosophy. Most arguments I have read for atheism seem to focus on the western perspective of God, and I have never seen any delve into areas of Eastern Religion, which do not necessarily include the belief or acknowledgment of a God, or even the existence of such. I was wondering what your perspective was, as an atheist, on Buddhism, Taoism, and related system of thought and belief.

I have only limited knowledge of Eastern philosophy and religion. There are some good concepts and ideas there (just as there are in Western religion and philosophy), some of which I find very appealing. However, I ran into the same problem that I run into when reading about Western religion — vaguely defined terms and metaphysical concepts that seem unnecessary or that are impossible to demonstrate. For those reasons, I remain unconvinced that they are a reflection of reality.

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