December 2007

As an Atheist, I found the “Argument Against” section to be rather childish and a tad bit intellectually insulting. Maybe I missed the point, and the purpose of the site is all about sarcastic humor, but even then it would still be pretty much without merit. While reading the mentioned section, I pictured someone actually using the provided responses and all I could envision was a person arguing with just as much fallacy as a bible thumper. I understand that you in no way set out to seem like some Atheist role model, but if someone who knew nothing of Atheists were to come across your site they might think us all idiots.

Peace out

Yep, it’s childish and intellectually insulting (as is the rest of the non-blog portion of the site). And, yes, it’s answering stupidity with stupidity. Personally, I think it’s funny.

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