December 2007

Hi There! I came across your site today and really enjoyed it. I have many questions… At first I considered my elf to be agnostic, then I read a lot of books about wicca and feel ‘at home’ with paganism. If I’m an atheist, can I believe in ghosts, the paranormal, spirits, etc.? I always believed that there is no life after death, that out energy ceases to exist. But lately I’ve been thinking about the possibility of some form of life after death and can it coincide with atheism? Sorry, it’s late and I’m rambling and taking up your time. Thanks for the posts and comments, I’m glad there are blogs like this out there. Regards

Atheism is the lack of belief in deities. You can believe in the paranormal or in life after death and not believe in deities, but I don’t see how you can be a pagan and not believe in deities. However, you can be what you might call a ceremonial Wiccan without truly being a pagan.

You should ask yourself what level of proof for the supernatural is sufficient for you to believe in it. If there were that much proof for the existence of God, would you believe in God? Would you believe in extraterrestrial visitors or government conspiracies with the same level of proof? I’m not attempting to make fun of your beliefs, but rather encouraging you to make sure that you are drawing conclusions fairly and not considering some things more likely that others just because you want them to be true.

That said, I kind of like the idea of a skeptical atheist Wiccan (although some might think that a conflict of terms). I can certainly imagine someone participating in Wicca because they enjoy ceremony, ritual, community, and a feeling of oneness with nature and control over their life, but not believing in deities or anything truly supernatural.

As an aside, many people don’t know that the Church of Satan is an atheist organization. They don’t believe in God or Satan, but enjoy the ceremony and the effect that Satanic philosophy has on their life. (Not that Wicca and Satanism have anything in common, of course.)

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    Did you know that some Pagans are naturalistic believing in no deities except the sacred cosmos?

    Also Pantheists and Pantheistic Pagans exist…

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