December 2007

I wanted to make a quick point after reading some other posts. I am an atheist, but I know several intelligent and tolerant theists.

The hate-mail posters are clearly not acting in a “Christian” way, but as you’ve noted, that doesn’t make Christians or other theists bad or even hypocrites. You have intelligent thoughtful posts by theists and shallow, aggresive, even idiotic posts from atheists.

I wish people on boths sides could realize that life isn’t simple. You can’t say “theist good, atheist bad” or “atheist smart, theist stupid” or vice-versa. A person’s beliefs can steer where his/her life or characteristics will go, but we all have virtues and faults. We all have to decide whether the virtues of the people we know outweigh their faults enough for our tastes.

Well said!

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