December 2007

I just read something on Facebook. It was a prayer that he said would bring the Holy Spirit into the soul of anyone who said it. I said the prayer. I felt a large warm pressure inside of me. It was an odd pressure. I had never felt anything like it before. I then burped. I now know that prayer causes spontaneous expulsion of air via my esophagus whenever I say a prayer. Unless “Uurpphhh!” is Gods way of saying I am here and that I love you. What do you think?

I think that we could prevent innocents from being executed, if we actually tried, without making assumptions on who is guilty or not. When we assume it was the gang-banger with a grudge, who has no aliby, and owned the weapon, that is okay. We need the GSR, fingerprints, and other evidence to prove it though. It could have been a rival who set him up. When I mean use the death penalty, I mean when there is proof. Not the “two witnesses” proof either. That is very hard to get, and you don’t need much if two reliable people saw it happen.

Questioning religion is okay to some people. Christians, Jews, and Muslims all want you to believe their faith, by questioning the one you have now. why can we jump ship, but not rock the boat?

Thank you for mentioning Rapid City when you speak to the publisher. I think that your book will be very interesting, and I can’t wait to read it.

Regarding your story about the prayer: what do I think? I think you’re telling me a joke.

I think it would be quite a bit harder to prevent innocents from being executed than you suggest (there was a recent case of a man who was on death row for killing his parents, and he was found to be innocent even though the police had a confession from him). In any case, I agree that we should reserve the death penalty for cases in which there is a very high level of certainty.

You’re right that many people only want you to question your beliefs when you don’t agree with them. I personally think that all beliefs should be examined. Letters written to this blog help me investigate my own beliefs every day.

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