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What would Jesus’ bumper sticker say?

“Thanks, but I was born ok the first time.” Bumper sticker seen on a truck in New Mexico yesterday. Another good response to use when hassled by those wacky Fundies. Personally, I find any form of “I’m superior because I have my religion and you don’t” completely obnoxious. Isn’t “pride” supposed to be one of […]

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“I hate all religions”

I hate all religions. I was born in Iran and spent 27 years in there. When I was student of Medicine in Tehran University, I always preached Atheism. I am specialized in “Anti-Islam !! The stupid, pedophile, and epileptic Muhammad copied Christianity and Judaism and created his own damn religion. I also went to church […]

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Site update schedule

As regular readers of this blog have noticed, I often go many weeks in between responses to e-mails and updates of this site. I can’t do much about my frequent slowness in responding, since many of these responses take quite a bit of time to formulate. But to make things easier for my readers, I’ve […]

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Hate mail: Suicide

Was the person who wrote to you that they were going to commit suicide an atheist? Probably. If I was an atheist I’d want to kill myself. It would make the world better if all atheists went ahead and did it too The person who wrote to me was not an atheist. In any case, […]

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Absolute Agnosticism

Hello: Ah, this shows every sign of spinning out of control into “angels on the heads of pins” land and beyond. We agree, it seems, about something fundamental here: The problem, to a large extent, is rooted in language. So, rather than continue down this language-trapped track, I will just say a few words about […]

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Blog update

Apologies for the long delay since my last reply to anyone’s e-mail. I do occasionally have to take long breaks from this blog, but in this case the situation was different. I received a series of e-mails from someone who was very suicidal.  I helped the person as best I could, but ended up having […]

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