A Christian laughs

I LOVED your site! I laughed SO HARD!!!

Believe it or not, I hear many of the same things from people and I’m a Christian! Funny, huh?

Well, *I* think I’m a Christian. But apparently I’m not the RIGHT kind of Christian. Or I believe in a different Jesus Christ, although I thought there was only one….

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that I can relate with much of this site, and agree with a lot of it too. (The parts about thinking for yourself and doing the right things for the right reasons, etc.)

You seem like a really nice person. :D

Thanks! I think I’m a nice person, too!

I’m glad that you see the humor in my site. It’s not intended as an insult to Christians in general or to religion, but rather as a tease aimed at those who argue religion in ignorance. You obviously got the joke.

It’s interesting that you brought up being the “right” kind of Christian. Christian religions believe that there was only one Jesus, but some of the concepts of Jesus they have are pretty mutually exclusive. The Catholic and Protestant views are pretty close, with the real big difference being in how Jesus brought salvation. The Mormon Jesus is metaphysically very different from the Catholic and Protestant version, to the point that I think you might be able to argue that it’s not even the same person. And followers of Islam believe in Jesus, but in a very different way than Christians do (obviously).

So far as I’m concerned, any Christian who is moral and thoughtful is the “right” kind of Christian. It was nice to hear from you!

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