Wouldn’t say he’s an atheist

Hey there, I just want to say, I appreciate what you’re doing, this my first time viewing your blog, and i’m really impressed. I love how it’s simply your point of view, no preaching, converting, or otherwise downing other people. I can’t imagine how sometimes frustrating it must be to get all that hate mail. I personally wouldn’t say i’m an atheist, nor an agnostic. Honestly, I just don’t know, I live life, and then see what happens. I think the term Atheist is viewed as a highly negative term in these times, and I think that’s pretty upsetting. Well, continue to do what you do, and i’ll be stopping by many more times.

Thanks for reading.

(PS. I thought i’d just let you know i’m a fourteen year-old freshman, in case you wanted to see where i’m coming from, so to speak.)

There’s nothing wrong with not labeling yourself atheist, agnostic, etc., particularly if you are still considering your beliefs. I agree that for many people “atheist” has negative connotations, and that is unfortunate. To me, anyone who doesn’t believe in God is an atheist, and I’m trying to “recapture” the word so that people don’t think that atheists all say God absolutely doesn’t exist (since I wouldn’t make such an unprovable statement).

Thanks for writing!

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