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 IAmAnAtheist » Alternate to the Big Bang

Alternate to the Big Bang

I was reading a book on astronomical phsics, when reading a section about black holes and theoretical matter, i was hit with a much more reasonable creation theory then the big bang.Blackholes have a small area around them that has a force of gravity so great, i can basically, clone particles by ripping them appart (this is extreamly rare tough)

Lets assume all laws of physics that are in effect now have been in efect for all of time.

now at the beggining, which really shouldnt be called that, since it would have an intraceable point in time, due to a theory of mine that time is connected to matter…

anywho, there was a big vacume, a force an infinite amount larger than that around a black hole, that would create an amazing amount of…. “inverted gravity” lets call it, and this created 1 particle…. say gold, and due to differing “atmospherical” pressure, the next particle to be created was…. hydrogen, and so on, this continues till there is an amount of matter to of-set the absense “vacume” so basically, instead of the big bang, there was a big …. slide of particles.

few things my theory also bases on:
2nd law of thermodynamics
Black hole theoreticle physics
and the assumption were not living in something like the matrix

i would love to here a reply from you….and for me to actually state this arrgument to a thiest… ( yes i know, dont impose athiesm onto others, but i cant help but contradict)

also, you migt like to watch some Dr.who…

talk to you sometime …. in the future….or not….

In terms of black holes, you are talking about Hawking radiation, yes? If so, I think your characterization is a little inaccurate, but I think I understand what you are trying to say.

It’s hard for me to comment on your theory without a lot more information, but it seems like it ends up asking more questions than it answers. Your proposal seems very similar to some older theories of the universe in which a central “matter factory” is constantly churning out matter, the main difference being that your factory eventually shuts off.

The problem is that the universe doesn’t seem to show evidence for such an origin, but it does show a lot of evidence to support the theory of an initial explosion. I also don’t see how gold, for example, would be created by a gravity field such as the one you propose — gold is made of many particles, and it seems to me that such a field would produce only single particles. There is also the question of where this force went when it was done creating matter, and what specific chain of events caused it to stop creating.

I encourage you to keep working on your theory. Continue your research and see what questions can and cannot be answered. Even if you turn out to be incorrect, the investigation will be quite valuable!

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