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 IAmAnAtheist » Clarification of a burp

Clarification of a burp

The prayer is a half-joke. I really said it and had a feeling, and then burped. If the man claimed that he did it, without duress, then we should use the death penalty. He wants to die, that much is obvious, or he is covering up for someone, which I consider duress if he did it for that person. I also examine my beliefs all of the time. In a sense. I wonder how we came to be, how matter came to be, how our specific primordial soup that engendered Earths life came to be. I have no doubt that there is no deity. All the “evidence” I have been shown compounds my belief. If there is one, then it sucks for me. How often do you update your blog? Some times you respond quickly, and other times it take forever for a response. Hope you have had a great year.

Thanks for the clarification. I think we are in agreement that, as the years go by, the evidence for the existence of deities isn’t getting any better.

I also agree with you that I sometimes take forever (as in months) to respond to correspondence. I get piles of it and it takes a long time to write thoughtful responses. I’ve changed the way this blog works so that even when I do big bursts of responses, they appear on the blog as a steady stream over time. I’m hoping this makes it easier for you and my other readers to keep up (and to keep interested). Let me know what you think.

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