Atheist’s weapons

this is great. thanks for creating it and i just might have to use some of the witty comebacks against those who disrespect my atheism. yeah so great.

Thanks! Just remember — snappy comebacks are useful only against people you are driving away, as opposed to those that you are trying to draw closer. I think that, whenever possible, you should draw people closer and try to change their minds rather than drive them away and let them continue in ignorance.

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  1. Written by Caitlin
    on February 22, 2009 at 9:13 am
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    My line is usually, “My faith is weak.” This has the benefits of:

    (1) Being literally true. My faith is not, in fact, strong enough to overwhelm my reason.

    (2) Impossible to argue with. What are they going to say? “No! You have strong faith!”

    (3) It is acceptable to nearly any religion, since you don’t specify exactly what your faith is in.

    The typical responses to this are sympathy or an invitation to the congregation. (For some reason, very few attempt to ‘save’ me) No snappy comeback required, just a “Thanks, but I can manage on my own”.

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