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Are moral laws best?

Why not just ask yourself if the 10C are good for society as they exist. You might also consider the Code of Hammurabi in Babylon. All of these ancient laws meet the same purpose, which is to enable man to live in a civil society. Atheists seem unable to come to grips with the fact […]

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Why so sarcastic?

I appreciate your site. As a fellow atheist, I’m always glad to see people banding together in the name of reason. But I’m a little worried at the sarcastic nature of the site. For now at least, I feel that we should be using logic and reasoning to dissolve the idea of god instead of […]

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What is a deity?

Yes, it sounds and looks like semantics. God, to me, is the English word to describe a universal force. It doesn’t matter to me what that force is called – it still rules everything, including you and me. I’m not sure how I feel about deities. I honour the Moon, for example. I recognise her […]

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Kalam cosmological argument

The Kalam cosmological argument is an ancient proof that God exists. It says that everything that comes into existence has a cause. The universe came into existence. Therefore the universe had a cause. That cause had to be outside the universe. Therefore that cause is God. Therefore God exists.Another way to look at this is […]

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Hate Mail: Retarded conclusions

Your conclusions are… how can i say, retarded. Think of what you wrote, it is the writing of ignorance and denial. When you die my friend (or friends) and when your before God. Tell Him about your response on the warning that was given. I bet you one thing though when your waiting to see […]

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An atheist hypocrite?

from what i’ve read on here, you really are helpful. i stumbled into this site while searching for the correct definition of an atheist. i think i might be a “weak” atheist? to start off, i was raised in the church (my father was a deacon). like many young children who’ve been brought up in […]

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Out of the closet

well i just recently said outloud that i am an atheist, i have been there done that with methodist,baptist,and listened to others. well i thought i was alone and that i had a messed up way of thinking but i now am learning that im not and that is so awesome. hope i can voice […]

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Religion is doomed (again)!

IT IS ME AGAIN …. HEY THE HATE SECTION IS VERY FUNNY, BUT SCARY AT THE SAME TIME ….. THERE ARE SO MANY SOMBIES IN THE ENGLISH SPEAKING WORLD! Oh I forgot to tell you that the next time you go to the beach, give me a call … I am from Mexico, so I […]

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Religion is doomed!

Wow, I finally found someone like me! hahahaha jajajajaja I do not what to say ….. oh drink beer, at the beach … ciao! ANY RELIGION IS DOOMED AND THEY KNOW THAT! Well, not quite like you — I live near the beach, but I don’t drink beer. Sorry!

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Wouldn’t say he’s an atheist

Hey there, I just want to say, I appreciate what you’re doing, this my first time viewing your blog, and i’m really impressed. I love how it’s simply your point of view, no preaching, converting, or otherwise downing other people. I can’t imagine how sometimes frustrating it must be to get all that hate mail. […]

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