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The need to believe

Hello again, hope you had a nice winter season so far. I just felt compelled (after reading your other letters) to write to you on some of the things I’ve been pondering as of late. Mainly though, I wanted to know why so many people feel the need to believe in something. I have a […]

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2Q & Books for atheists

I just wondered if there is any update on the status of your 2Q book regarding whether you will decided to have it published. And secondly I noticed on your site that you have some Amazon ads that link to various books. I just wondered if you have any recommendations for good books that examine […]

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Knowledgeable about religion

I’ve had similar experiences when encountering other religions or really just looking at all of the various different forms of Christianity. Really theres always been an incredibly diverse number of interpretations of the bible. It was actually worse at the beginning of Christianity before the orthodox church. I can’t say I’ve had too many experiences […]

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Absolute Agnosticism

Hello again. “Yet you have resisted my attempts to get you to assign a degree of “workability and usefulness” to the supernatural or unproven. Ah, but I do. I assign values of zero workability and zero usefulness. That is precisely the point, I believe. Any statements about the supernatural/untestable are, from a scientific viewpoint, meaningless […]

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Religion and war

After reading some of the comments from so called god believers on your site i was shocked to see how hate filled some religious people are but then again thinking about it religion is what most wars have been over. The earth would be a much more peaceful and happier place without religion. P.S great […]

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Questioning atheism

Hi, I’ve browsed through your site and read that ‘favourite letter’ of yours and I am sort of torn, if you like, in several different directions. Firstly, given the nature of this site, my identification should be Catholic Christian and I do take significant comfort in my beliefs. I am very strong in my faith […]

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I was reading through your hate mail section and it struck me how awful these so called “moral” folks are. Granted, this is probably a very small cross section of religious people, but it’s pretty inexcusable. I’m not sure I could keep my cool in responding to those messages. You just might be my new […]

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