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Undecided about religion

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a sophomore in college, days shy of my 20th birthday. I found your website via StumbleUpon, and I wanted to write to you because I have really begun to have some conflict with my religion. I wasn’t really “raised” anything in articular, since religion was never present in […]

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What about free will?

I asked a straight forward question about free will and you’re your answer was Blah Blah Blah. If you don’t think that people have free will then why should anyone be responsible for their actions? If I hit you it’s because I had no choice so you can’t blame me. Sure I can. In fact, […]

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What about free will?

If atheism is true and everything is based on cause and effect then how can there be free will? For there to be free will there has to be a soul that isn’t based on natural actions. Free will is an extremely difficult concept, in part because it is so hard to define. Generally, people […]

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Hate mail: April Fool

Happy atheist day! And thanks for the reference to the insulting old joke.

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