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Religion’s “associated BS”

There is no way one can truly have clear thought if one’s mind is muddled and confused with the lies, promises, scare tactics, and all the other associated bullshit, of any religion, myth or superstition. I have never felt so free as when i finally threw off the childhood brainwashing regarding god and chrisianity. T […]

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Change occurs for a reason?

The difference to me is that there is no evidence either way about a supreme being. There is evidence that change occurs for a reason. I don’t see any evidence that change occurs for a reason. Do you have examples?

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Everyone born atheist

We are all born atheist’s only the gullible would be stupid enough to believe otherwise, I read your hate mail, well as much as I could stand, both you and they have my simpathy , you for having to read such rediculous excuses for there stupidity/insanity, and them for thier supidity/insanity. KEEP UP THE GOOD […]

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Where does morality come from?

Here is a question you can’t answer, if there is no GOD where does morality come from? Everyone agrees that some things are immoral like stealing, murder and torturing babies for fun. How could everyone believe the same thing morally if there was not a divine standard of morality? Morality couldn’t have evolved through Darwinism […]

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Does it do good to argue?

I just browsed your site. Very funny stuff. As a Christian, I don’t think it does anyone any good to argue. I think we should let people make up their own minds about things. Great site. I agree that people should be able to make up their own minds. At the same time, I think […]

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Proving there is no God

Let me start off by saying that the strongest evidence that God, a Christian/Jewish/Muslim God, cannot exist, is pure logic, I will demonstrate below. However, I am interested in to why you get angry with God? If you believe in free will, then God can have NO influence on anything in the world to make […]

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Why not “weak” atheism?

is there any particular reason you dislike the term “weak” atheist? i’m just wondering. you seem to understand me completely. doesn’t seem right to stick a post-it note that screams “HYPOCRISY” on something so big based only my obsevation on the behavior of some. some of the most loving and caring people in my life, […]

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Considering the soul

Of course it’s silly for anyone to spend any time thinking about religion. Seriously, could the final destination of your eternal soul be any less important? My time is much better spent reading comic books! *sigh* Even as an atheist, with so much resting on that descision, it should at least merit some thinking about, […]

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Do what feels good?

I would like to hear the logical demonstrations of why mass-murderer and “do what feels good” moral systems are invalid. Thanks. I’d say that’s not too hard. My 2Q system for testing whether a philosophy is valid says to ask, “Would I condemn another for reasoning as I do.” If I reason that mass murder […]

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Once I was able to connect to the mail server consistently, the hundreds of backlogged e-mails I thought I had turned out to be close to 2,000! I’m slogging through them as quickly as I can — sorry to keep everyone in suspense! Based on this and the increased amount of e-mail this site has […]

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