Why not “weak” atheism?

is there any particular reason you dislike the term “weak” atheist? i’m just wondering.

you seem to understand me completely. doesn’t seem right to stick a post-it note that screams “HYPOCRISY” on something so big based only my obsevation on the behavior of some. some of the most loving and caring people in my life, like my father and one of my choir director, were christians and have devoted their lives to their “God.” the hypocrisies that i’ve seen have played a part in my turn to atheism.

thanks so much for suggestions on how i could bring my beliefs upfront to my mother. i hope the transitions flows smoothly… =)

well, take care… this probably, most likely, won’t be the last time you hear from me. peace!

I don’t like the phrase “weak atheist” because it sounds like it’s implying that my belief system isn’t robust, or that “strong atheism” is somehow better.

Among hypocrites, Christian hypocrites can be some of the most frustrating. Too many people seem to think that they can call themselves moral just because they call themselves Christian. But it doesn’t work like that. You might say that someone who wants to lead the choir has to sing the song — you can’t unhypocritically hold yourself up as an example of morality without also actually being (or, at least, trying to be) moral.

Such people are certainly enough to make one question the effectiveness of Christian philosophy.

Keep me posted on how things go.

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