Where does morality come from?

Here is a question you can’t answer, if there is no GOD where does morality come from? Everyone agrees that some things are immoral like stealing, murder and torturing babies for fun. How could everyone believe the same thing morally if there was not a divine standard of morality? Morality couldn’t have evolved through Darwinism because people who are immoral get ahead more than people who are immoral, so immorality would have the advantage!

This is why atheists are evil. You have no morality other than doing what you think feels good. If you think it would be fun to s**k some skanky old man’s d**k you don’t even know on the bus you go ahead and do it! Why not? There’s no sin, right?? The greatest evils come from atheism like promisicous sex, abortion (baby murder), gay, rape and blasphemy.

Despite what you apparently think, I have no problem answering your questions.

Let me begin by denying your premise that “Everyone agrees that some things are immoral like stealing, murder and torturing babies for fun.” How can people all agree that stealing and murder are immoral when people don’t even agree on the definitions of “stealing” and “murder”? Is keeping $20 you found on the ground stealing? Or taking home pens from work? Or not telling a store that they under charged you? And is capital punishment murder? Or killing civilians during military action? Or denying someone life-saving help? Not everyone would answer these questions in the same way. Even the Bible has examples of God’s people doing what some would consider to be stealing and murder (the Jews took Egyptian wealth with them when they escaped into the desert, and they also killed the children of some of their enemies).

You’re on pretty solid ground with everyone condemning not torturing babies for fun, but only if you don’t include performing scientific experiments as “torturing for fun” and realize that some people don’t consider some races’ children to be any better than animals. Even so, we are genetically hard-wired to protect children, so feeling that harming children is bad is hardly surprising.

You also may be forgetting that there are some people who have no moral sense. Unless you have a good reason for specifically excluding sociopaths from your statements, then your global generalizations don’t hold water.

Even if it could be shown that there is a global morality, I disagree that morality couldn’t have evolved. There might be advantages to an individual in immoral behavior, but there is a large group benefit to consistent morality. Evolution could certainly preserve such a benefit.

I’m not going to dignify your rant about the evils of atheists with much of a reply, save to say that there are plenty of non-atheists who practice the “evils” you name. I also hasten to point out that there is significant disagreement about when some of the items you mention — namely promisicous sex, abortion, homosexuality, and blasphemy — are immoral.

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  1. Written by Hugo
    on July 31, 2008 at 5:31 am
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    wow, +1 for your correct and civil reply, don’t think I could have done that!

  2. Written by Tracy
    on August 4, 2008 at 7:45 pm
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    Hi, I actually just StumbleUpon-ed your site, and overall just really wanted to say,”Yeah! Go, YOU!”

    And also that I’d have loved for you to have thrown in an accounting of the failure of abstinence programs in schools, as well as studies that show that girls who vow abstinence (as in the “Silver Ring Thing” program) end up having more premarital sex and are far less likely to use condoms than their peers.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Written by Grudge
    on August 13, 2008 at 11:47 pm
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    Great Great work My friend! Very civil. I’d say even more civil than the commenter. He/She tried to stab at you with hatred toward the subject (tells a lot about the general religious group) and you… you simply explained your view… Wonderful! BRAVO! http://www.godisimaginary.com/index.htm

  4. Written by Anon
    on August 14, 2008 at 9:08 am
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    “The greatest evils come from atheism like promisicous sex, abortion (baby murder), gay, rape and blasphemy.”

    Anyone else lol at that sentence?

  5. Written by Mel
    on August 16, 2008 at 9:02 pm
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    Does anyone else find it interesting how a large part of religion is meant to be tolerance, and yet, you use the word homosexual within a kilometre of some Christians, and suddenly they’re all condemning you to the fires of Hell or whatever? I’m not gay, but I have gay friends, and I stand up for the frequently – the Christian intolerance of homosexuality is, quite frankly, disgusting. I thought their God was meant to love everyone, regardless of belief, race, creed or sexuality…

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