Why not be against Satan?

Thanks for responding to my e-mail. Okay I understand that you probably are swamped by e-mails but I have to tell you that really I would hope that you would respond to me personally but that is up to you. I have given you my e-mail because I really cannot beg you to accept what I have said or will say but only to persuade you. It’s like trying to make someone love you when really that choice is up to them. I am only trying to persuade people about who Christ is not in my point of view but His and that I accepted it that way and it’s what I KNOW that this is the only way and I can either except what He says about it or I can reject Him. You see He has given us that choice and you believe the way you do because that is your choice. I am NOT trying to argue my point and that I am right. You are a person and you get up every morning and go to bed every night and have your own routine through out the day just like me. I don’t have a clue to who your are man or woman and not for my sake but yours only that I care that you would spend YOUR eternity with me and Christ. You said in your reply about atheist and agnostics and agree that they will spend eternity in the same place. But remember when I first responded I said that anyone who is an atheist, agnostic or believes in God WITHOUT believing what He did for them IS going to the same place. Okay this is going to sound ridiculous and a poor analogy but I like the show Reba. Ever watch it? Well in this particular episode Reba is upset with her son in law because he is questioning whether there is a God or not. Now as a christian I know that God in his wisdom when He wrote the Bible said that we must believe in Him and what He DID in order for Himself to accept US. If I believed that everyone is right about going to heaven in their own way then I would have to agree with what happened on the horrible day of September 11th. But I don’t. They believed in dying for their god but thankfully mine died for me. Anyways the point is that Reba’s character can believe in God without Jesus and Van her son-in-law not believe in God at all and both die and go to hell. So to you this does not matter because you do not believe in God who is Jesus or satan. But did you know that if you do not accept Him you ARE for satan? My husband has a friend who yes believes in God but was raised in a “religious” family. I am not religious at all. Did you know that God hates religion? Religion is what keeps man from God. Sounds a little contradicting doesn’t it? Choose ANY religion you want. Who started it, when it got started and it all ends up the same…… how good you can be to get to heaven. I have talked to alot of people about the Lord. And I never try to pressure them at least I hope. Anyways most people say “well as long as I am good”…… So what if you weren’t ? How good do you have to be to get to God? He doesn’t come down or yells from heaven and says to me hey you are doing good as long as you don’t do this….. or this….. This would be like trying to make a career by being a tight rope walker without a net. Funny thing is that I have never met someone who said to me I am so terrified because I don’t know how good to be. Alot of people say as long as I don’t murder, steal. etc…. I’ll be okay. And so if you did God’s grace is not bigger than your sin? Of course it is. Obviously you deserve punishment but the worst thing anyone can ever do is REJECT Him. Did you know that this is the worst thing anyone could ever do. Hard to believe. So I hope that Reba in real life believes in more that God but what He did for her too. He is not a respector of persons. You talk about morals. Where do we get our morals from? Why is it wrong to steal, lie, sleep around, etc….? Why should we even have such a thing as morals. By what standard or whose? Who are we committing crimes against? Why are we still living by standards that are written from a book called the Bible? Really think about this. Okay will you respond to this one. I think I stated this the first time I e-mailed you. But doesn’t it just peak your curosity why we take the name of God AND Jesus in vain. Especially when He tells us not to? See God wrote that before He was manifested in the flesh. He called Himself right there Christ. And we do say these TWO names. Interesting. So as I was saying before I went off on one of my bunny trails, that my husband has a friend who believes in a god and will not accept thee only God. He wants proof. He is very logical type of person. Really it is a failure for himself to accept how God sees him. Anyone that is a christian, saved, born again, salvation all the same thing believes this one pivotall point. They see/saw themselves as sinners and unworthy for Gods grace and yet knowing they cannot not do ANYTHING to EARN this they just simply accept it and accept Him. ANYONE who call themself a christian and believes none of this is simply not a christian. Proof is all around you. Please after reading this go to your window and look out all around you. Do you not see it. Life….people, animals, trees. Your breathing right. Pretty incredible. What are you breathing? Did you create that? Earth. Wow here is something pretty incredible and yet Job a book in the Bible Job the man,noted that the earth hangeth upon nothing. How would he know that? Or in the book of Isaiah how would he know that the earth was round? Please tell me this? Okay I could go on and it is getting pretty late at least for me this is late, I’m not so young any more. I don’t want you to be up for a challenge. I do want you when you go to bed(when the thought process is magnified, at least mine is) and say to yourself and really think to yourself I have really made this a joking matter in the first place for me and the other atheist and created a web site around it as well? As well as this lady is telling me that if I am atheist , agnostic or someone who believes in God without Christ are headed to the same place. And would you think that there could be a possibility of heaven and a hell? Also do you not think that when you established your web site that there would be people out in computer land that really care about being righteous and not right? I have met plenty of people that are moral and not saved(christian) who I would rather hang with than people who believe like me. A huge difference though is that we are seperated considerably by Gods view and I just couldn’t talk to them in a general way about Him because they would not understand. They would not understand the fact that He is my life and any time I mentioned Him they would be thinking I was preaching to them instead of just them understanding He is just my friend. And yes I am really going but I want to ask you two things. Don’t you want to rely on something better than yourself and your family and friends. And I am not saying that that is a bad thing by no means. But don’t you just get tired of depending on yourself and for you to sort our your problems. And the other question is are you afraid to respond to me personally? You will want to resist because satan will want you to. But you do have a choice to respond to me personally. And I have to tell you that one day you will die because that is what the Lord says. Don’t people die? All of these products to keep us young and live longer but you will die. So will you just please answer this question with a yes, no, or I don’t know above any question you could ask or answer of this e-mail. DO YOU KNOW FOR CERTAIN IOO% IF YOU DIED THAT THERE IS NOT A HEAVEN OR HELL, GOD OR SATAN? And do your REALLY want to know. It is so simple. You don’t have to pay any money, sign a contract or even have to get a loan. It is free. And you don’t even have to do anything for it because you never could. That is something religion doesn’t teach you.

Thanks for understanding about my e-mail situation. I will respond to your comments, but doing so in my blog allows my readers to share what both of us have to say.

I’d like to start by addressing your comment that I believe the way I do because it is my choice. I don’t see it that way, because I do not have the ability to believe or disbelieve facts at will. I can be convinced that something is true or untrue, but I can’t honestly believe just because I wish to believe. At best, I can trust that something is true, but doing so is admitting that I don’t know with certainty whether or not it is true, even if I am going to act as if it is true.

You say, “But did you know that if you do not accept Him you ARE for satan?” In what sense? In the sense that Satan would not want me to believe in God? To me, that sounds like an even more tenuous version of, “You’re not fighting the government conspiracy to create a police state, therefore you are part of that conspiracy.”

When you say you are not religious, I assume you mean that you are not part of any organized religion. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what do you mean when you say that “God hates religion”? The Old Testament doesn’t read like a book about a God that hates religion — in fact, he seemed to be encouraging it quite strongly.

You go on to talk about how all religions boil down to how good you can be to get to heaven. I disagree with you on this. Even if we stick to Christianity, Protestants specifically believe that you cannot “buy” your way into heaven with good works. To Protestants, salvation is available only through the acceptance of Jesus Christ.

You say that God doesn’t call down from Heaven and tell you what to do or not do in order to be good. If I understand you correctly, you are saying that God doesn’t tell us how good we need to be to get into Heaven. But the Bible addresses this point specifically, doesn’t it? All humans fall short of the glory of God. However, I’d argue that this does not imply that good works are meaningless, only that they are not sufficient.

You say that the largest sin is the rejection of God, and this agrees with the Bible. The problem here is how we define “reject.” If I am not convinced that God exists, then in what sense am I rejecting him. Would you permit me to describe you as someone who rejects my Uncle Walter because you don’t know if I have an Uncle Walter? I’d think not.

Where do we get our morals from. That is a large conversation, but in a nutshell I would say that my morals are logically required. Why do we have them? So that society can function and so that we can claim certain rights for ourselves. Who sets standards for morality? Any person who wishes to be logically consistent can develop a workable morality. Who are we committing crimes against? Other people, society, and ourselves. Why are we still living by the standards in the Bible? We aren’t. The Old Testament includes many acts that are blessed by God but that we would consider immoral (such as killing babies). The New Testament has a morality that is much more workable in the modern world, but its moral rules are generally pretty obvious, even to those who have not read the Bible (with obvious exceptions for its condemnation of certain victimless crimes).

I draw no philosophical conclusions from the fact that religious terms are used as curses. People were cursing in the names of gods long before monotheism. If you meant something else by this, please elaborate because the point is eluding me.

I certainly agree with you that life and nature are incredible, but I am not particularly impressed by scientific facts that are said to be found in the Bible. Job says that the earth hangs on nothing, but in the same chapter he says that God “hath compassed the waters with bounds” when the oceans of the world are not bounded. Isaiah speaks of Earth being round — not a sphere — and in any case, the Greeks considered the possibility that the planet was a sphere hundreds of years before Jesus was born, so the concept was not unheard of in the ancient world.

You ask if I think it is possible that there is a Heaven and a Hell. I’d say that it is possible, but that the possibility is extremely remote. I certainly agree that there are people who want to be righteous as opposed to wanting to be right.

You ask if I want to rely on more than just myself, my family, and my friends. Certainly, and I do rely on something more than this: I rely on reason, thought, and logic — not just my own, but that of many people. Would I like there to be a divine being that would take care of me? Sure, but my wishing does not make it so.

You also ask if I am afraid to respond to you personally. No, I’m not. But I told my readers that I would be responding to e-mail only on my blog from now on, and it wouldn’t be very honest of me to make an exception without an extraordinary reason to do so. Satan doesn’t enter into it.

Do I know 100% that there is no God/Satan/Heaven/Hell? No. Do I really want to know? Certainly. But you are wrong when you say that belief in such things is free. At this point, my belief would have to be based on my desire rather than on the facts, and if I did such a thing I would be giving up my intellectual integrity. That, to me, is too high a price to pay.

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  1. Written by Peter Lucas
    on August 30, 2008 at 12:28 pm
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    I also want to look after my fellow humans – family, friends, Iraqis, even Americans. But don’t need to believe in anything external to give me the reason to do so.

    Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a social animal; altruism is what saved us on the African savannah all those millenia ago.

    But to be on the safe side I don’t wear wool/cotton mix suits.

  2. Written by Charlene
    on September 2, 2008 at 1:43 am
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    Just stumbled onto your blog today. I’ve enjoyed reading, and I agree with much of what you’ve said. You state things more eloquently than I ever could. Thank you for that.

  3. Written by Rawr
    on September 28, 2008 at 6:51 pm
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    Hmm. I don’t really believe in Heaven or Hell. In my opinion, we’re the same as any other animal in this earth. When animals die, they just rot and decompose. Nothing else. I believe that people only say that we are going to heaven or hell is because we want to feel special. We ARE special from other animals because we have the gift of knowledge but that is the only thing that makes us different from other animals. Nothing else. When we die, we die and decompose. Nothing else.

  4. Written by Andrewe Yang
    on October 3, 2008 at 8:27 pm
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    Saying that we have the gift of knowledge is not exactly accurate, as many animals are believed to be as intelligent as we are.

    What makes us special to ourselves is that we understand ourselves, and not other animals. Perhaps dolphins see themselves as more knowledgeable than us.

    Of course, Humans have developed the ability to write, which allows us to acquire the knowledge of people in our past.

  5. Written by adriana barrantes
    on October 16, 2008 at 4:04 pm
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    I read once that “humans needs to believe in afterlife because they cannot bare the idea of stop existing when we die”, I believe that is true and i was even more convinced while studying human evolution… supernatural beings came into place when we gained “imagination”, only after we started using our “imagination” (later human evolution) we started developing rituals (and by rituals I mean: burying our death, etc..) all that did not exist prior to this step in evolution.

    I believe what really separate us from animals is that fact: we have imagination, and imagination has lead us to create marvelous things (we first had to imagine them). The capacity of creativity and imagination created the ability to write, paint and transform the world around us.

    Saying I am going to hell because I believe in god is ok, i am convinced they think that because nature compels us to think that way, we are social beings and we need to feel assured: Men cannot bare the idea that after they die they will just disappear… is too frightening!

  6. Written by adriana barrantes
    on October 16, 2008 at 4:05 pm
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    Please be patient with my terrible english :S lol
    * where it says ” Saying I am going to hell because I believe in god is ok” should say”
    Saying I am going to hell because I dont believe in god is ok

  7. Written by Anonymous
    on November 23, 2008 at 2:05 am
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    some people have to much time on their hands,
    besides if god was any kind of resonable being he would accept the athiest that had been good into heaven. and reward them for questioning beliefs.

  8. Written by Tana
    on January 1, 2009 at 7:43 pm
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    Religion started as man’s way to explain his environment, being, and death. As God can not be proved or disproved there is always room for doubt and people in power roles transform this doubt into fear. Religion, or fear, allows the few men/women with power to comand power and retain it. I lead a moral life, always respecting, caring about, and for others. Some would say this makes me an athiest, others may call me liberal;I however see these qualities as what makes me human. I wish happiness and peace to everyone. I am a non-descriminating humas when it comes to me feelings for others.

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