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I don’t understand why we are all so naive and confident as to assume that we must and do know everything right here, right now. You all have nice long rants about “Why we are” and “Scientists cannot replicate”: How “evolution fails” and “right from wrong”. Does anyone else (except myself, obviously) believe that we […]

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God loves me

I am here to tell you that Jesus loves you. Christians are instructed to give the Good News to all…and that includes atheists. I entered a website that said by having done so that meant that I was an atheist. I, of course, am not an atheist. I entered to tell you of God’s love […]

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Hate Mail

Who are you voging for? You don’t know s**t so I bet you’re voting for your own a**hole.

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Not even an atheist

Don’t believe in a God, but I do not answer to any tag like Atheist. Religion is rather like a hobby or pasttime, except some of those who practise it are so ‘mad’ that they believe they should force their values on the rest of us. If you don’t follow a sport like football are […]

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