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Atheist my foot

Dude your a f**king idiot! I’m an atheist because there aren’t any rules, because I don’t believe in anything. You can’t put beliefs behind something centered around not beliving in s**t. I don’t belive in god and his bull***t what the f**k makes you think I’m a buy into yours? Thats right ” I’m a.” […]

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Another agnostic

I highly doubt the existence of a God. I believe observable evidence points to the lack of a God. I do, however hold agnostic beliefs. I accept the fact that the only definite truth is that we exist. There may indeed be a God, who is hiding his existence to you for an unknown purpose. […]

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An agnostic

Atheism, by definition, is the belief in the non-existence of any deity. I am non-religious, but no sir, I am not an atheist. I believe there is something more to life then what we can possibly come close to understanding through science or religion. If you cannot truly believe(

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Arguing for atheism

Hi, For some time I have been searching the Internet for information that provides a good argument in favor of atheism. You may not have time to answer my questions, and if not, thanks anyway. “I do not have an argument for atheism because I don’t believe there needs to be one.” Accepted. In my […]

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The Arguing Atheist

I’ve taken a lengthy break from this blog to finish revisions to my book 2Q, using all the wonderful comments I received from those of you who purchased the pre-release version. More than 120 pages have been added to the book so far, and with luck it should be available by mid-2009. In the meantime, […]

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