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How prayer works

You are clearly purposefully misunderstanding me. God is not holding anything back because he has a plan and he does not wait on the plan for any man. God only wants what he deserves. Is it too much to ask that we praise God for all the blessings he gives us??

You’re wrong and bating me with the question about going to heaven. The only way to heaven is personal salvation through Jesus Christ. Prayer is a vital part of your relationship with Christ but prayer will not stop you from reaching your reward or get the reward for the underserving.

I don’t think I’m misunderstanding you. I suppose God may deserve certain things, and there’s nothing wrong with praising God for blessings. But there’s a difference between praising God after a blessing has been received and praising God before the blessing is received — the former is thanks, but the latter sounds a lot like payment.

Let me ask you this: if God may release blessings in response to prayer, but not release blessings in the absence of prayer, is it possible that a blessing may be withheld from me because someone else doesn’t pray? For example, let’s say that I pray for my sight to be restored and my spouse also prays for this, and that one week later my prayers are answered and I can see again. Is it possible that if my spouse hadn’t prayed I might have stayed blind?

Regarding Heaven: if prayer will not get you into Heaven because the only way to heaven is through a personal relationship with Christ, is there any point to praying for the soul of a deceased person?

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