Tract #6: How Do You Annoy an Atheist?

Tract #6, How Do You Annoy an Atheist?, is ready for you to download and review. Download it, see page #3 for printing instructions, and let me know your comments! Thanks!


How Do You Annoy an Atheist?

If you’re a theist and you aren’t interested in intelligent discussion but just want to irritate a nearby atheist, here are a few phrases you might find useful. (Use as your own risk.)

And while you’re at it:

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  1. Written by theblackbook
    on September 2, 2009 at 7:11 am
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    “If there’s no God, why not kill people for fun?” First of all: Crusades, anyone? And also, in this, this person is admitting that if they were not afraid of hell, they would kill people for fun. But don’t point this out to them, because they could potentially be dangerous.
    •“Atheists are selfish. All the big charities are religious.” Mother Teresa sat on all that money. And religious charities just end up telling overpopulated countries that birth control is evil so that the population gets more out of control so that they have more people to preach to and more money for themselves. Who’s selfish here?
    •“You can’t prove it didn’t happen.” No, I can’t. I never said I could. You can’t prove that it did happen, and the burden of proof is on you. Explain away.

  2. Written by PhillipineGuy
    on October 3, 2009 at 6:29 am
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    comment to #1 post…. “If there’s no God, why not kill people for fun?”…. assuming no god…….. if i kill your mother… what will u do????…. if another kill my mother? what do u think ill do to the killer? think.. also in negative ways.. not always positive…

    btw.. i am an ATHEIST

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