Letter from “Lucifer”

Keep up the good work.
But come on now..We all know that I exist but that huff stuff doesn’t. I mean I’m not a God, just a fallen angel.
You know the the government of the United States believe I going to “come” and enslave people.
I mean what people need to understand that I’m not a bad person, just a misunderstood individual.
I don’t hate the world, and for once that Adam and Eve story is a load of Bull..Come on now, you really still believe in fairy tales?
Go back to kindergarten motherfuckers!
Well..any way…
Kisses and have a wonderful life!
(Because you all need one.)
(P.S. I know what you did last night.)

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  1. Written by Aaron
    on August 3, 2009 at 4:48 pm
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    Nice to hear from you lucifer! I don’t misunderstand you.. if you hate god, then why would you punish us! It is a load of bull… looking forward to partying :)

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