Tract #35: Are Atheists Doing Satan’s Work?

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Are Atheists Doing Satan’s Work?

Are atheists doing the work of Satan? The answer could be yes or no, depending on how you define your terms.

If you believe that Satan is a supernatural being that wants to stop people from believing in true religion, and that anything that distracts people from religion is a tool of Satan, then yes, in a sense, atheists are doing the work of Satan.

Of course, in this case, television, romance, disease, natural disasters, and even other religions (among other things) could be said to be doing the work of Satan. Using “doing the work of Satan” as a synonym for “not bringing people to my religion” rather ruins the former statement as an insult or accusation — you appear to be attacking or blaming someone for something they don’t even know they are doing.

By arguing in this way, you are also opening yourself to accusations from members of other faiths that in fact is is you who are doing the work of Satan.

On the other hand, if you think that atheists are actively working for Satan, that’s a whole different story.

Atheists do not believe in deities, so they do not believe in powerful supernatural beings like Satan. In order to actively work for Satan, an atheist would have to believe that Satan exists. But someone who believes Satan exists is not an atheist.

By accusing an atheist of working for Satan in this sense, you are saying that you don’t believe that the person is really an atheist. Not only is that insulting, but it also opens the possibility that you are simply unable to handle the concept of atheism — you think that everyone believes in the supernatural, and atheists are just lying about their belief.

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