Tract #37: Should Atheists Read the Bible?

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Should Atheists Read the Bible?

It’s religious, it’s wrong, it’s boring, it’s old — why should an atheist read the Bible? It’s a fair question, one that a religious person might counter with, “How can you say you disagree with something you haven’t even read?”

Let’s address that last point first: is an atheist required to research a religion before not believing in it? Ideally, a good skeptic researches every aspect of an issue before arriving at a conclusion. But, in practice, there just isn’t enough time in the day to in-depth research on every possible topic of contention. Choices must be made; priorities set.

A religious person might argue that God is the most important subject of all and therefore demands to be thoroughly investigated. But to an atheist, something with an extremely high likelihood of not existing may pale in importance to other issues. Also, considering how many religions there are in the world, seriously sorting through to see if any of them might be correct is quite a daunting task. A religious person might suggest that only their religion needs to be investigated, but a person of any religion might say that.

So if there is no compelling need to investigate religion in general, is there a good reason to read the Bible in particular? For an atheist living in the United States (or another country with a similar religious makeup, history, or culture), there many be several reasons, including:

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  1. Written by nadia
    on June 23, 2010 at 8:59 pm
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    Yes, i agree. An atheist should read the Bible in order to be stable and strong in his motivations and foundations.

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