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Ready for purchase!

I know I’ve had the link on the site for a few days, but it’s now official — the print version of Ask Yourself to be Moral is ready for purchase! You can get your copy from Lulu right now, but if you prefer to wait for Amazon it will be available there in four to six weeks (it takes them a bit of time to get a new book listed). Amazon does have a Kindle version available for those of you who prefer things more electronic.

For what it’s worth, I make a lot more money if you buy the book from Lulu, but you should do whatever is most convenient for you.

So, what is Ask Yourself to be Moral? It’s an overview of my 2Q system for examining moral philosophy. And if that sounds all high-hat philosophical and dry, don’t worry — the book isn’t. In fact, a big hunk of the book is devoted to examining dozens and dozens of moral questions (from whether you should litter to whether you should kill at a command from God), and giving you the tools you need to help form your own moral opinion.

There are appendices about moral atheism and about my personal philosophy, but they aren’t the focus of the book. Whether you are a theist or an atheist, you can use the 2Q system to develop your morality. Personally, I think that the more you examine your beliefs the more likely you are to lean toward atheism, but I could be wrong, and so far as the book is concerned, it doesn’t matter.

I would very much like to hear comments from anyone who reads the book, and I would like to officially thank everyone who bought the original, pre-publication copy of 2Q and gave me the feedback that inspired me to double the book’s length for its final version.

To close with a bit of begging: I’m relying on decent sales of this book to keep things going on this site, so I would very much appreciate your spreading the word if you read and enjoy the book. In particular, I would love to make some pro-atheism bloggers and podcasters aware of the book, in the hope that they will be inspired to mention it to their audience. I don’t have the funds at the moment to send out review copies, so anything you can do in the way of word-of-mouth publicity would be massively appreciated!

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