Universal morality

In a note answering another question, you said ‘You would have a better argument for divinely created morality if everyone’s moral sense agreed on all key moral issues.’ Everone’s moral sense DOES agree on key moral issues! Everyone every where agrees that torturing babies (which you did not address), murder, rapes, stealing, and a whole host of other moral things are wrong. You have dug yourself into a hole here.

Everyone may agree that torturing babies for fun is wrong, but not everyone agrees that torture in general is wrong. And not everyone agrees that killing a child that has shamed its family is murder, that a man forcing sex on his wife is rape, or that not returning found money is stealing. There is also significant disagreement about abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, killing animals for fun, the death penalty, divorce, and many other issues. People don’t even agree on seemingly basic moral issues, such as when it is moral to lie.

I just don’t see any sign of universal morality.

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