Tract #59: The Atheist FAQ (with Brief Answers)

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The Atheist FAQ (with Brief Answers)

What is atheism?

A lack of belief in deities?

How can you prove that God doesn’t exist?

I don’t need to. You need to prove God’s existence to me.

Isn’t that agnosticism?

Agnostics believe that proofs for or against God’s existence are impossible. Not all atheists are agnostics.

What if you are wrong?

If I find out I’m wrong, I’ll change my mind.

Isn’t atheism depressing?

No. Why would it be?

How can you have hope without God?

Hope can be based on things other than the existence of supernatural beings.

How can there be justice without God?

Often there can’t. Justice isn’t guaranteed.

Why do you reject the church?

I only “reject” the church in the same sense I reject anything I think is incorrect. It’s not personal.

How can you believe everything comes from nothing?

I don’t.

Without God, why be moral?

It makes logical sense to be moral.

How do you know right from wrong?

By following a well-thought-out moral system.

How can there be free will without a soul?

The brain is so complex, that it just seems like we have free will.

If life is meaningless, why care about anything?

I wouldn’t say that life is meaningless.

Who gives life meaning if not God?

We give our own lives meaning.

If people are just machines, why hold us responsible for our actions?

We hold machines responsible for their actions. Broken machines are replaced, repaired, upgraded, etc.

How are humans any different from animals?

We have the ability to consider our own behavior.

Why should we treat humans as more valuable than animals?

Because we’re humans.

Do you think all religious people are stupid?


How can all reports of miracles be false?

There are many ways for inaccurate stories to spread.

Isn’t it obvious that the world is designed?


What about all the millions of people whose lives have been improved by religion?

Something doesn’t have to be true to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Do atheists think Jesus was a real person?

Some do; some don’t.

What if you found out the Gospels were completely true?

I’d change my opinion about the Gospels.

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