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Hate Mail: Nothing better to do

Cant you find anything better to do rather than sitting around on your computer running a website for people who propably dont have anything better to do anyways? Hopefully you all get help. Cheers! All offers of assistance are happily accepted, but I’m guessing that you propably dont have much to offer.

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Hate mail: Half monkeys

You my friend are an idiot. No one ever said anyone had to be perfect, but if evolution is so real… Why arent there people who are still half monkeys walking around, and where is the more advanced creatures after us? Reply back with some smart ass comment all you want, I dont shove my […]

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Hatred toward atheists

I don’t usually link to items on other sites, but this vehemently anti-atheist letter to the editor (reported by the Friends of Irony blog) made me steamed — not just because of how awful it is, but because there are actually quite a few people who seem to feel this way. Read the letter. Update: […]

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The Problem of Evil: Response

From a comment on a post: Well,what if God wanted to show his great power by letting evil exist? God, with infinite power, could destroy all the evil in the world but how much would that do for him. Wouldn’t there need to be a contrast from good to evil for either to be recognized? […]

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Tract #67: Can God Be Both Merciful and Just?

Tract #67, Can God Be Both Merciful and Just?, is ready for you to print and hand out. Download it, see page #3 for printing instructions, and let me know your comments! Thanks! 067_merciful-and-just.pdf Can God Be Both Merciful and Just? The Christian God is sometimes described as both infinitely merciful and infinitely just. But […]

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