Reason isn’t Christian?

Your insistence on nitpicking religious people’s heartfelt beliefs with analysis is not Biblical and wrong. The Bible doesn’t say anything about “2Q” or “don’t contradict” or “would I condemn’. These are atheist ideas that are not of any use to Christians. A Christian knows in His heart what the truth is and needs nothing more.

And what if what two Christians “know” in their hearts isn’t in agreement? What if a non-Christian uses his heart to gain knowledge? What if the feeling in your heart isn’t the truth, but a deception?

I would say that these problems can only be addressed through reason. If God is real and good, then He has no reason to fear logic, and neither should His followers.

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  1. Written by ed42
    on May 12, 2010 at 6:02 pm
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    Do you (the commenter, not iDeclare) worship a god because he commands you to worship him? Is a being that demands (and will punish you if you don’t) worship worthy of worship?

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