What is murder?

Your question about how Thou shalt not kill is understood by Christians is loaded with misunderstanding. In the first place, no Christians think it says kill, we all know it says murder. Atheists want it to say kill because then they can come back with “clever” comebacks like why aren’t all Christians vegetarians or can you kill in self defense. Murder doesn’t have those problems.

All of the so-called disagreements about this commandment are atheistic and heretical attempts to make Christians seem inconsistent. So you can have some education, here is what Christians know Thou shalt not murder means.

1. You can’t kill another human being without just reason.
2. Being ordered by God to kill someone is a reason.
3. You can never kill a child (abortion)
4. You can’t let someone die.
5. You can’t kill yourself.
6. You can kill enemies in war. Somewhere you talked about just and unjust war but there is no such thing, all war is unjust.
7. You can kill someone who is trying to kill you (self defense) but you should try not to.
8. You can’t kill someone who is not trying to kill you just harm you. Everyone brings up rape as an example but any Christian woman would rather be raped than commit the sin of murder. It’s no sin or shame to have been raped.

If you were paying attention when you claimed to read the Bible, these should all be pretty obvious.

When you claim that all Christians agree on the meaning of this commandment, I have to strongly disagree. For example, aren’t there some Christians who willingly join the army, and others who refuse to kill to the point that they will not enter the military even when drafted? That seems like a pretty significant difference.

Now let’s look at some of your specific statements.

1. What is a “just reason”? For example, I may think it is just to kill the man who killed my brother, but such an action is still considered murder by the law. Does God not consider this murder?

2. This seems like a necessary exception so that the whole Old Testament Israeli army isn’t composed of murderers. But are you saying that if someone truly believes God wants them to kill, they should go ahead and do it? Would you try and stop them? What if God told them to kill you?

3. There are a lot of children killed in the Bible. Were those killings sins?

4. Does this mean that you must prolong someone’s life under all circumstances? Must you take heroic measures to medically extend the life of someone who is terminally ill, in constant horrible pain, and wants to die?

5. Are there no situations in which suicide is allowable? What if you let yourself die so that others may live?

6. If it’s okay to kill in war and no war is unjust, then no violation of this commandment occurs if my country kills people in your country because my country wants your land, right?

7. I don’t see a problem with this.

8. I’m guessing you haven’t asked a lot of women about this.

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    If you believe god commanded you to kill me would you?

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