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Here’s a nice comment from an agnostic that I received through the comment form:

I love being an Agnostic. I have peace in my life.

When I was a teenager I really tried to love Jesus. I went to church, was baptized and prayed every day. But I felt nothing. I told the minister I felt nothing and he prayed with me and I really tried but I felt nothing. They had a prayer circle for me and I felt nothing. After a while, they asked me not to attend their church. I tried many different religions and I felt nothing. One church asked me to give my testimony to Jesus and I said I hope Jesus finds me, cause I can’t find him.

I felt enormous guilt and shame. I thought God hated me, cause I couldn’t feel Him. Then I came across a book about Agnosticism. It was like a gift from an imaginary deity.

It was okay to feel nothing. As a matter of fact most folks feel nothing, but they just lie to fit in.

It okay if there’s no God or nothing after death. It’s okay to live your life happily until God makes up His mind to make contact.

I am happy .. really happy and my Christian friends can’t understand how can I be happy without God. They think that God should at least punish me for not worshiping Him.

I say to them I think He did punish me when I did worshiped Him. Every time I went to church I was miserable. Maybe God just doesn’t like me. Maybe our personalities just don’t mix. Maybe God forgot to put the radio transmitter in my head so that I could communicate.

Go figure.

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  1. Written by m
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    Don’t feel ashamed for being skeptic. Feel proud to not blindly believe what some cavemen wrote down some thousand years ago.

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