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Can I Ruin Something that Has No Value?

Statement When I’m asked to respond to a poll, I make up answers because poll results are filled with fake answers anyway. Q1 Analysis This is a Q1 violation if you are against casual lying or if you ever rely on polls. Q2 Analysis This is a Q2 violation if you would not want someone […]

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Religious intolerance

From the comment form: I an a 15 and grew up in a atheist family. Even though I am atheist I am VERY openminded, unlike many religous people, they always seem to asume that because I am an atheist I am a horrible person. Just last month I went to my young cousins 1st […]

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Should I Buy an SUV?

Statement I should buy an SUV because it gives my family a better chance to survive an accident. Q1 Analysis This statement does not seem to be a Q1 violation. Q2 Analysis Taken at face value, this statement does not seem to be a Q2 violation. However, what if buying an SUV gives your family […]

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Morality and the 10 Commandments

From the comment form: Here is a good example of why the 10 Commandments are all you need as the root of your tree of morality. Here are the questions from a CNN article on ethical questions, with the answers from the 10 Commandments: 1. If something at a yard sale is far more […]

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What Kind of Driver Should I Be?

Statement I should drive aggressively so that I am not taken advantage of. Q1 Analysis If you believe that taking advantage of others is wrong, then this is a Q1 violation if your aggressive driving takes advantage of those who do not drive aggressively. Q2 Analysis If you don’t like it when others drive aggressively, […]

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Nice comment

Here’s a nice comment from an agnostic that I received through the comment form: I love being an Agnostic. I have peace in my life. When I was a teenager I really tried to love Jesus. I went to church, was baptized and prayed every day. But I felt nothing. I told the minister I […]

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