Should the Disadvantaged Be Protected?


We should make inexpensive (or free) goods and services available to the poor.

Q1 Analysis

This may be a Q1 violation if you have general objections to charity or socialism.

Q2 Analysis

If you are offering these goods and services yourself and believe others should do likewise, there is no Q2 violation. If you believe that governments and/or corporations should make these goods and services available, then by Q2 you should be open to other people making demands of the government and/or corporations for similar reasons and be willing to accept the consequences of these actions.

This statement may be a Q2 violation if you think only non-poor people other than yourself should bear the cost of these goods and services.


It is laudable to offer assistance to the disadvantaged, and you are not morally wrong to offer to help others as much as you are able. But difficulty may arise if you believe that others should be required (legally or morally) to provide assistance.

If you want governments and corporations to offer benefits to the poor, then you must be willing to pay for these benefits (in the form of increased taxes or higher prices) and recognize that your fellow citizens will also incur these costs. If you are not willing, then you need to examine your thoughts and see if you are just trying to get "credit" for caring about the disadvantaged without having to suffer any expense, or if you want get someone else to take care of a problem without it significantly impacting your life.

Consider the following methods of providing discounted or free goods and services to disadvantaged people. Which would you be in favor of?

You are encouraged to leave your answers to the questions posed in this post in the comments section. This post is based on an excerpt from Ask Yourself to be Moral, by D. Cancilla, available at and See the 2Q system page for details of the philosophical system mentioned in this post.

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