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Should I Tell My Children that Santa Claus Exists?

Statement I tell my young child that Santa Claus is real. Q1 Analysis This statement does not violate Q1 unless you are making a special case for Santa Claus that you would not make for some other, equal imaginary things and don’t have a justification for doing so. Q2 Analysis This statement does not violate […]

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Unanswered prayers and atheism

This message was left as a comment on one of my posts. I replied directly to the poster via e-mail. My 21 year old son is an atheist. We had him in a christian school for four years, we went to church every sunday. When his grandfather died in our driveway on Christmas and my […]

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Should Children Be Taught "Fringe" Beliefs?

Statement The law should not allow parents to deny their children medical care. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation unless you believe that parental rights are inalienable or that medical decisions should be left to individuals. Q2 Analysis This is not a Q2 violation unless you object to others making decisions about how […]

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What is caused?

From the IAmAnAtheist.com comment form and personal correspondence Your unending conversation is pointless. If there was a big bang then there was a being that caused it. Nothing that comes into existence does so without a cause. What’s so hard? I’d be happy to discuss this with you. Just to make sure we are on […]

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The Pirate King: a parable

Constance had a small shipping business, delivering food and clothing at charitable prices to people all over the world in her private boat. Being a realist, Constance knew that because of where she sailed and the amount of time she spent on the water, it was only a matter of time before she was confronted […]

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Evidence for the Bible

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form Your web-site makes it sound as if there is no evidence that the bible – specifically, the old testament – is true. Do you really feel that there is no evidence that the Bible was written by God? I mean, I know you don’t think it was written by God. […]

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Should There Be Universal Health Care?

Statement The government should provide health care to everyone for free. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation if "health care" and "free" are well defined, you are not against socialized medicine, and you think that socialized medicine is ethically at least equal to the free market. Q2 Analysis This may be a Q2 […]

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A guarantee

From the IAmAnAtheist.com comment form: Just give it a chance to believe in the Lord and he will change your life! guarnteed Define “give it a chance.” I think I have given religion plenty of chances, and I continue to examine my own views and seriously consider questions of religion on a daily basis. It […]

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Should Athletes Be Allowed to Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

Statement Athletes should not be allowed to use chemicals to improve their performance. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation so long as you are clear about what authority is restricting the use of chemicals, and you have carefully defined "chemicals" and "improve their performance." It may also be a Q1 violation if you […]

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Prison for the just

I have a question for evangelical Christians about justice. Imagine that there is a man named Max who is serving 30 years in prison for murdering his wife so he could collect her life insurance. Five years into his sentence, Max honestly and sincerely becomes a Christian. At that point, Jesus has accepted punishment for […]

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