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Einstein was insane

From the comment form: I’ve been reading thru the comments and there are some pretty stupid people writing to you, but much of the time you don’t do much better. You wrote (quote) that if there are two perfect clocks and one is on top of a mountain but another is in a valley […]

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Should Doctors Prescribe Placebos?

Statement A doctor could prescribe a sugar pill for a patient who isn’t really sick but needs to feel that something is being done. Q1 Analysis This is a Q1 violation if you believe that doctors should never be deceptive, even if it is for a greater good. It is also a Q1 violation if […]

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Should Stores Sell Medicine that Doesn’t Work?

Statement I should boycott pharmacy chains that sell homeopathic medicine because homeopathic medicine doesn’t work. Q1 Analysis If you are certain the medicine doesn’t work, boycott other stores that have similar problems, are sure that the store’s management is aware of what it is doing, and are defining "doesn’t work" in a consistent way, this […]

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Can I Sell a Product that Could Kill Someone?

Statement Guns kill innocent people every day, and gun dealers should be held responsible for those deaths. Q1 Analysis Whether this is a Q1 violation depends in part on what products you think qualify as so dangerous that anyone selling them should be liable, and whether you would always condemn someone selling such a product. […]

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Lenny and Fran: a Parable

Imagine that there is an atheist named Fran. Fran says that she is an atheist because, after examining the evidence, she sees no compelling reason to believe that God exists. Imagine also that Fran has a friend named Lenny. Lenny believes that only people who accept Jesus as their personal savior can be saved. He […]

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Should a Lawyer Defend Someone Who Is Guilty?

Statement A lawyer who would represent a murderer is a rat. Q1 Analysis This may not be a Q1 violation if you believe that lawyers are only in the right when they represent people who they believe are innocent. Q2 Analysis If you would want legal representation even if you could not convince a lawyer […]

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Am I Morally Obligated to Help Others?

Statement I shouldn’t have to go out of my way to help someone else if I don’t feel like it. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation if you either don’t think that there is an ethical obligation to help others when possible or you consider your inconvenience to be morally more significant than […]

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