Can Public Information Be Private?


I shot a great video of people using a marker to draw funny pictures on this drunk girl who passed out at my party and am going to post it on YouTube.

Q1 Analysis

This is a Q1 violation if (among other things) you think that:

Q2 Analysis

This is a Q2 violation if you wouldn’t want embarrassing pictures of you posted on the Internet.


Most people would agree that it’s immoral to disseminate something immorally received (such as video from a store’s dressing room) unless there is a morally compelling reason to do otherwise, but might it also be unethical in some circumstances to disseminate a photo, recording, or other information that we received in an honest manner?

In the below situations, should you treat the information received as private? If not, who could you ethically share it with?

You are encouraged to leave your answers to the questions posed in this post in the comments section. This post is based on an excerpt from Ask Yourself to be Moral, by D. Cancilla, available at and See the 2Q system page for details of the philosophical system mentioned in this post.

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