Should It Be Legal to Sell Your Body?


It should be illegal to sell your organs.

Q1 Analysis

This may be a Q1 violation if you think there should be no limits on how people use their own bodies or you think that government should not interfere in the free market. It also might be a violation if you would consider selling part of your body if you were in dire financial straits.

Q2 Analysis

This is a Q2 violation if you would want to buy someone’s organ as a replacement for your own, and might be a violation if there are some things you would like to do to earn money that others think should be illegal.


This statement is an attempt to find balance between one’s right to do with one’s body what one pleases and the possible social harm caused by an open market for human organs. Before you can make this statement, you must decide what harm to society there is that overrides a person’s right to their own body. Are you worried that:

After you have identified the risks, you must decide where the line between risk and right is drawn. How much of a right should a person have to make a profit from their own body? With that in mind, which of the following should be legal? Which should be legal, but are immoral?

In any of these examples, would the amount of money being paid make a difference to whether or not the practice should be legal or moral?

You are encouraged to leave your answers to the questions posed in this post in the comments section. This post is based on an excerpt from Ask Yourself to be Moral, by D. Cancilla, available at and See the 2Q system page for details of the philosophical system mentioned in this post.

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  1. Written by Onanymous
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    The ability to legally sell organs will “further[...] an organ market that includes extortion, organ theft, threats, pawning and so on and so forth. There is serious potential for harm.” as I said in another thread. So the Question for a Q2 mistake is not whether people are allowed to use their body however they want, but whether they inflict suffering in doing so.

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