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I remember a phrase from the past, “there are no atheist in foxholes”.

When the pressure is on I bet you will be talking to God baby.

Where do you get that idea? Do you think that people do their best thinking when they are in stressful, life-threatening situations, and that panic would clear my mind and make me realize that I have reached an incorrect conclusion regarding the divine? Or do you think that when there is no hope, people turn to any solace they can find, even if it is of imaginary origin?

I’m guessing it’s neither of these. Most likely, you just think this is a clever thing to say, or you believe that there are no real atheists, just people who pretend to be atheist that deep-down believe in God and wouldn’t be able to suppress their secret belief in time of stress. In either case, you are (hopefully unintentionally) being very insulting to those of us who have spent a lot of time, effort, and thought developing a robust world view.

Now let me share an equally offensive smarmy statement with you: there are no dead theists. When the light behind your eyes goes out, you won’t be talking to God, “baby.”

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  1. Written by Jen
    on December 7, 2010 at 3:22 pm
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    No atheists in foxholes, eh? Well, I’m living proof that that one isn’t true — I spent 3 tours in Afghanistan, in foxholes, bunkers, airplanes, being shot at, shooting, whatever. And I never turned to ‘god’ or anything else.

    I don’t believe in god, and that doesn’t change just because shit gets real. I can deal with my own life, thanks. =)

  2. Written by caveman73
    on December 10, 2010 at 10:58 am
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    I am an Atheist first off and I am an Active Duty Navy man (US. 17 years). I have been to Iraq (2007) and was not in a foxhole per say but I was in a bunker more times than I can count (mortar and rocket attacks). Never once did I call out to God, pray for help or to be saved.

    I was also in a helo crash in 2008 (Northern Laos) on a JPAC mission (Recovery mission for remains of MIA/ POW’s) and I again did not call out to jesus or god. I swore a lot and felt lucky to be alive but not prayer or god for me.

    I think this guy was just using an old BS line that some chaplin used (and that is debatable) in the Bataan Death March in World War 2, Philippines.

    ET1(SW) Youngstrom, Eric
    USS Green Bay LPD-20

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