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 IAmAnAtheist » God as a Scientist : Ten Scientific Commandments

God as a Scientist : Ten Scientific Commandments

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form:

Can God be explained by Physical formulas and laws? I think Yes , we can understand God s Nature by Physical formulas and laws. I think God has given to us everything that necessary to understand Him and His Genesis using Physical Laws and Formulas.
Ten Scientific Commandments: Fundamental Theory of Existence.

1 The infinite vacuum T=0K. ( background energy space: E ).
2 The particle: C/D = pi, R/N= k , E = Mc^2 = kc^2 , h = 0 , i^2= -1
3 The spins: h =E/t , h =kb, h* = h/2pi
4 The photon, the inertia
5 The electron: e^2 = h*ca, E = h*f , electromagnetic field
6 The gravitation, the star, the time and space
7 The Proton
8 The Evolution of interaction between Electron and Proton
a) electromagnetic
b) nuclear
c) biological
9 The Laws
a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass
b) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law
c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law
10 The test.
Every theory must be tested logically ( theoretical ) and practically
a) Theory : Dualism of Consciousness: (consciousness / unconsciousness)
b) Practice : Parapsychology. Meditation.
Best wishes
The secret of God, Soul and Existence is hidden in Vacuum and Quantum of Light Theory .
I want to know how God created this world I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details


There’s a lot of material here, but unfortunately I am having trouble wringing from it a method for understanding God through physical laws and formulas. You list a number of physical constants, equalities, and concepts, but don’t show how any of them relate to God. Also, some of the items you list sound dubious to me (such as there being a “biological” interaction between electrons and protons).

Your item #10 mentions (if I understand it correctly) a theory of dualism that can be practically tested with parapsychology and meditation. But you don’t say what specific claim could be tested using these methods, and until you provide details I cannot consider the methods to be scientifically valid. For example, it would need to be demonstrated that meditation is a valid method of testing some scientific claims.

It is possible that what we have here is, in part, a language barrier. I am guessing that English is not your first language. In any case, I will need many more details before I can judge how compelling your argument is to me.

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