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Who decides morals

From the feedback form: I dont like you rules, or your morales. Who says those morales are really right anyway? I want to lie because I can get further. I can help people feel better about themselves If Iie to them, infact I could also save lives. I think we chould kill. The world […]

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Why Should I Be Moral?

Statement I might do something immoral if it were in my best interest. Q1 Analysis If you consider something immoral, you consider it wrong to do; so by doing it you are violating Q1. Q2 Analysis This is a Q2 violation if you want other people to behave morally. Discussion If you know that something […]

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Science in Genesis

From the comment form: While I look at the Bible as a history book about as credible as any document written over and over and translated thousands of times, some of it makes for good bedtime stories. I mean, Jesus was a pretty nice fellow. He told people to give to the less fortunate […]

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Atheism fails again

From the feedback form. So the meaning of your life is to be created by you for yourself? There are so many things atheism fails to explain… People have to give their own life meaning. What more is there to explain? I think it’s people who assume “there has to be something more” who […]

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Can 2Q Be Used to Address Any Belief?

Statement The capital of California is Los Angeles. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation so long as you feel certain that this is a true statement. Q2 Analysis This is not a Q2 violation unless you would object to someone else stating as a fact something they misremember. Discussion It is appropriate to […]

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Letter: I call BULL

I received the below message through the feedback form. I present it for your comment (particularly if you disagree). First of all, the hiddenness of God. If a supreme being of some sort put us on this earth to have a loving relationship with him, he would ensure that we would believe in him. […]

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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Statement The chicken. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation if both "chicken" and "egg" are defined consistently. Q2 Analysis This is not a Q2 violation. Discussion "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" often serves as an example of a question that is either unanswerable or ridiculous. However, whether or not the […]

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Immoral atheists

The following is a reconstruction of a conversation I had with a fundamentalist Protestant some years ago. I present it for your comment. Christian: Atheists, by their nature, are immoral. If there is no guarantee of divine justice, there is no reason not to sin and hope to get away with it. Me: So Christians […]

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More weird justice

From the comment form: In a post you said ‘If God allows one to pay for one’s sins by allowing someone else to suffer punishment, that — to me — is a weird kind of justice.’ But this makes perfect just sense! If you committed a crime and your father offered to go to […]

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Are There Unsolvable Moral Dilemmas?

Statement In any situation, there is a right thing and a wrong thing to do. Q1 Analysis This is not a Q1 violation so long as either you have a consistent method for resolving moral dilemmas or your beliefs never come into conflict. Q2 Analysis Although you might disagree with someone else about what the […]

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