Atheism fails again

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So the meaning of your life is to be created by you for yourself? There are so many things atheism fails to explain…

People have to give their own life meaning. What more is there to explain? I think it’s people who assume “there has to be something more” who have explaining to do.

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  1. Written by Andrew
    on March 11, 2011 at 6:35 pm
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    im sorry but you are incorrect… atheism actually has nothing to explain.. Atheism is only the disbelief in “gods”.. it does not mean we know how the world came to be, though many atheist believe in science, all we really know is that it was not made by a magical higher power because of the shear lack of proof. Atheism is not a way of thinking it is only a word describing someone who is not a believer in the supernatural .. Example, knowing that Santa isnt real doesnt mean that you have to know where a present came from if theres no one to ask

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