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 IAmAnAtheist » Who decides morals

Who decides morals

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form:

I dont like you rules,
or your morales. Who says those morales are really right anyway?
I want to lie because I can get further. I can help people feel better about themselves If Iie to them, infact I could also save lives.
I think we chould kill. The world is too full lets say killing is good and get rid of as many as possible. only the strongand those who they protect will survive. It could clean out all the sick genes, or mayby allow them to thrive.
The ayotollah allows men to have sex with 9 year old (his little green book) THissounds really great) Cant we retrain people to have a different view of sex. SO we can have sex with who ever we choose.
Why be nice too horrible people, WHo decides who is horrible? WHy not cheat on your significant other, if they never find out does it make a difference?

I think your atheism is just another religion.
ps I dont really believe any of the later except your atheism is your religion. But WHo does decide morales?

People are free to develop their own moral systems. However, any moral system must be logically consistent to be valid (for one thing, it must pass the 2Q test). I’d say that there are certain features that all valid moral systems share, and these can be considered universal moral values.

In order for the moral system you propose to be valid, you must not object to others sharing your moral system. This means that you would not object to others lying to you or killing you for their own benefit. If you would object to being murdered for someone else’s gain or just for purposes of thinning the human population, then you could not have this moral system. In addition, someone with this moral system is clearly a danger to others and therefore might be targeted for death or imprisonment by others who do not share the moral system but are justly acting in self defense. Would you really want that?

So even though I don’t think there is any overall authority that determines what morals are, logical people can still declare some moral systems to be invalid.

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