From an old Troll

From the feedback form:

As an old agnostic, I have to say:

You are a TROLL.
New atheists are stupid and ignorant,
brainwashed by Sagan and Dawkins, and/or by leftist pseudo-intellectuals.

Bye ;-P

Well that was contextless and uninformative. I’m not sure how I can be a troll on my own blog, I don’t consider myself a “new atheist,” and I disagree with Dawkins on a number of issues.

It seems like you could have put a little more thought into your message to me. Surely an “old agnostic” has something more thoughtful than this to say.

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  1. Written by NFQ
    on July 28, 2011 at 3:36 am
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    When I comment on religious blogs, I frequently identify myself as an atheist right off the bat to clarify what would have otherwise been a confusing discussion. In my experience, though, when someone feels the need to announce to a non-religious blogger that they too are non-religious (atheist, agnostic, agnostic atheist, what-have-you) they usually aren’t. They’re just trying to make their points seem more valid … apparently forgetting that a big part of why many of us are non-religious is that we don’t particularly care who is doing the talking, we care about the logic and the validity of the arguments themselves.

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