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 IAmAnAtheist » Ignorance on both sides

Ignorance on both sides

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form

your argumetns against theism are.. well.. the first quarter is smart

the second quarter is like a transition

the second half is just plain ignorant. i mean atheists make fun of theists all the time by making fun of their stupid answers, but you’ve proven that ignorance can be found on both side of the spectrum.

The “Arguments Against” page of IAmAnAtheist.com is a rant — not a real set of arguments. The responses are meant as snarky, “snappy answer”-type retorts, not as anything particularly thoughtful (or even correct).

Rest assured that I have what I believe are completely valid, lucid, and well-thought-out responses to each and every pro-religion argument referenced on that page (and to a great many that are not). I’m happy to share any you are interested in.

Even better, if you have a pro-religion argument that I may not yet have come across, I would would love to hear it. I am definitely open to the possibility that there may be a rational argument for religion out there that I have not come across or considered, although after a few decades of engaging with others on this subject, I’m finding novel arguments rarer than hen’s teeth, and compelling pro-religion arguments nonexistent.

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