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Open letter: The atheist registry

I just sent the below e-mail to “Pastor Mike” in response to his blog posts here and here. Pastor Mike: I hesitate to write to you because of your message regarding ownership of e-mail sent to you and the revealing of names and ISP information.* Unfortunately, although I assume you didn’t intend it to, that […]

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Darwin and Hitler

In the most recent Stand to Reason radio broadcast (and podcast), Greg Koukl claims that someone whose relatives had been in Hitler’s army told him that Nazi soldiers were all issued two books, Goethe’s Faust and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. I find this highly unlikely, if only because the list doesn’t include Mein […]

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What’s the point of Hell?

The below conversation began as a message to the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form. After that, the correspondent (“Guest”) appeared to be replying from a smartphone, so her responses are perhaps more terse than they might be otherwise. Guest: Parents discipline children with time-out, spanking, whatever so that they will learn to be have. God uses Hell […]

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Lack of God doesn’t make atheists

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form: 1. the concept of atheism is a religious concept in itself. 2. atheism and morals. You bring moral as something outside of yourself. Moral is related to the type of animal you are. You happen to be a human being, so you have the human being morals. A lion should […]

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Go with God

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form: I am also an atheist, yet I frequently feel compelled to scream the words “POOP” and “NIPPLE” and “MEOW”. Previously, I thought this was God’s doing, but now I fear I’m insane. Actually, I think you can go with God on this one.

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God of the Gaps

A reader sent me an interesting message that, in essence, said there’s nothing wrong with God being a “God of the gaps” (GoG). I’d love to reprint the message here, but unfortunately I appears to have been copied from another site (Google found it on this page, in the August 10, 2011, comment by Udaybhanu […]

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If man could answer all of your questions…

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form: It is possiable to have a mind, and believe that God is real or not or vica-versa. It is impossible to have knowladge of God and for God not to exist, because He was, is and will always be part of your life; if you choose to believe in God […]

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The Black List: A Parable

An unemployed biology professor heard that there was a position available at ACME University. He sent in a resume, but it was rejected. Hoping to get a second chance, he arranged to meet with the Dean and the following conversation took place. Professor: Thank you, Dean, for agreeing to see me. Dean: Certainly! What can […]

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No angry flame deities (with fire)

From the IAmAnAtheist feedback form: Thank you for an enjoyable site. I particularly like the atheist rights and responsibilities page. I think being moral means living by the ten commandments or equivalently the items on you list for exactly the reason you say: Because you believe that is simply how everyone should live and not […]

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Hate mail

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form: What?  Is Atheism a religion now?  ‘Rights and Responsibilties’?  Wow.  This is what makes me embarrassed to say I am an atheist.  The people who turn it into a religion.  Ass. Well, people have rights and responsibilities, atheists are people, therefore atheists have rights and responsibilities. How, exactly, does this […]

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