Hate mail

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form:

What?  Is Atheism a religion now?  ‘Rights and Responsibilties’?  Wow.  This is what makes me embarrassed to say I am an atheist.  The people who turn it into a religion.  Ass.

Well, people have rights and responsibilities, atheists are people, therefore atheists have rights and responsibilities. How, exactly, does this make me either religious or an ass?

Are you arguing that atheists believe people have neither rights nor responsibilities? If so, here’s someone who apparently agrees with you (from another feedback form comment):

f**k you and your rights and responsibilities! Atheists don’t have to cowtow to  religious s**t. Atheism means being your own master.

If that’s what you think, then I’d argue that you are immoral (or, at least, amoral) and society has every moral right to protect itself from you.

I find it troubling that some atheists think that morality is strictly within the realm of religion. This is all the more troubling because that’s exactly what many religious people would like the world to believe — that atheists are without moral values or believe either that morality is whatever you’d like it to be or that “whatever feels good” is the definition of virtue. We are going to get nowhere fighting against ignorance if we play into its hands, and we can’t be moral people if we don’t even understand what morality is.

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