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 IAmAnAtheist » If man could answer all of your questions…

If man could answer all of your questions…

From the IAmAnAtheist.com feedback form:

It is possiable to have a mind, and believe that God is real or not or vica-versa. It is impossible to have knowladge of God and for God not to exist, because He was, is and will always be part of your life; if you choose to believe in God or not; (this is because others believe in the truth of God). If however it is proved that God exist, it is impossible for an unbeliver to believe the proffer, because of the unbelievers unbelief. Hence the only way for you to know that God exists, is for you to change your mind. In simpler terms if a man could answer all your questions then you wouldn’t need God. Try ignoring what people say about God incuding me if you like, and ask yourself how did you learn your basic math, english, walking and talking. Then ask yourself who tought you to dream and think. As you might be able to tell I believe in God, but I stopped listen to what others said. I stopped looking for God and God came looking for me, the only reason people know I now believe in God is because I told them things before they happened. They still don’t believe what I do, but the accecpt that’s what I believe. P.s I know it can be annoying having people coming up to you telling you about Jesus, but alot of them are just doing what they believe to be true. well I hope this helps you in some way even if its to get people off your back so you can come to your own understanding of choice. God bless if you like.

You make quite a few points, so in the interest of trying to strike a balance between length and thoroughness, I’ll try to touch on each in brief.

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  1. Written by Antonia Reed
    on September 8, 2011 at 9:13 am
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    I am sure many of your readers, that make comments that are religious do not realize this, but I cannot read their comments to you, so full of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, and take them seriously. If it was one or two within a lengthy piece I could ignore the errors, but when it is every other word, or incoherent, it makes them look stupid. I admire the fact that you no longer point that out to them, but I want to make sure that they understand that. I am not being elitist, but everyone seems to have spell check on their computers. While they may ignore the fact that atheists really don’t believe in god(s), they should try harder to not ignore basic writing rules.

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