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Entertaining rambling

For those of you who are interested, here are a number of e-mails I received (all on the same day) from the same person who wrote the e-mail I responded to yesterday: HEE HEE HEE! HEE HEE HEE! Ur blog thang takes too much of my RAM, i’m on oldschool xp dude. And then… I […]

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Morality, Hell, and rambling

I received this message via e-mail: God uses Hell in the same way. If it was not for Hell, then there would be no punishment for many sins and people would try to get away with everything. Can you tell me why an atheist would be moral, other than accidentally or just feeling like it, […]

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Reasons to pray

I’ve got a question for Christians — particularly for born-again Christians — to answer. I’ve heard Christians say that they are going to pray for a person who just died, and I’m wondering what the point of such a prayer is. I can only think of three possible reasons to pray for a dead person. […]

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Am I starting a religion

From the feedback form: How can you proclaim to be an atheistic website and yet you post this Atheistic Rights & Responsibilities? Your setting up a code to which atheists “need to follow”, doesn’t that mean you’re attempting to make atheism into its own organized religion? Religion is not restricted to the organized worship […]

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Passed over due to atheism

From the feedback form: Hey there! First, I want to say I was directed here by a good friend and I love your site and your blog. I thought I’d ask you for a little feedback, or perhaps some advice. I’m an atheist, my husband is an atheist, and our toddler is, obviously, an […]

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Atheist Survey

I’ve recently put up a new site I’m hoping my blog readers can help me test. Atheist Survey asks visitors questions related to atheism, religion, etc., and then posts the responses for all to read. You certainly don’t have to be an atheist to participate, and my hope is that this will be entertaining and […]

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16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know

For the first time ever, I’ve posted a “guest essay” to the IAmAnAtheist web site. 16 Things Atheists Need Christians to Know is an entertaining little rant that I’m hoping cranky atheists will find cathartic. I thought it was enjoyable, and I’m sure that the fact that I’m related to the author in no way […]

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An intelligence adjacent to God

From the feedback form: You have met an intelligence next to God. You can take this opportunity to explore my arrogance and eloquent expression. Also from the feedback form, a few minutes later, from the same person: I can and will contradict anything you say. Blog Away. If I am updated, I often have […]

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Atheists as proof of God

From the feedback form: I would like to know how to not believe in GOD, you people that claim to athiests are living proof of GOD. If there is no GOD there would be no devil, without a devil, you would not care what anyone did. If you just said, I do not believe […]

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