Atheists as proof of God

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I would like to know how to not believe in GOD, you people that claim to athiests are living proof of GOD. If there is no GOD there would be no devil, without a devil, you would not care what anyone did. If you just said, I do not believe there is a GOD, and let everybody else believe what they want, I might agree. But all of you are prodded by satan. You are much more religius than any church.

I found your message difficult to understand, but I’ll try to address your points.

1) I can’t tell you how to not believe in God. In fact, some people are not capable of not believing in God (for one reason or another), even if God does not in truth exist. At most I could demonstrate that God is not a necessary being, that arguments for the existence of God are flawed, that some religious belief systems are not logically valid, or that even the best reasons for belief in deities are not compelling to everyone.

2) I agree that the devil also does not exist. I don’t see how this has anything to do with whether or not I care what anyone else does.

3) I can’t say “let everyone else believe what they want” for a number of reasons. First, I feel compelled to respond to those who are not content to let me believe what I believe. Second, I think that some people have beliefs based on false assumptions or reasoning, and I feel I have a responsibility to point that out. And third, some of those people with beliefs different than mine want to use them to pass laws or make other significant decisions that could impact my life.

4) Your statement that atheists such as myself are more religious than any church makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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  1. Written by Udaybhanu Chitrakar
    on September 9, 2011 at 3:45 am
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    Some people believe that there is a God who is eternal. Some people believe that there are eternal laws of science.
    In whichever way belief is defended, belief remains a belief.
    One belief-system (God) has been merely replaced by another belief-system (laws of science).

    A joke:

    In olden-golden days the saying was: When there was nothing, there was God. When there will be nothing again, there will still be God.
    But then came the scientists and changed everything. The above saying also changed to this: When there was nothing, there were quantum laws. When there will be nothing again, there will still be quantum laws.
    These quantum laws are spaceless, timeless, changeless, all-pervading, eternal, unborn, uncreated and immaterial. Only that these laws lack consciousness. In every other respect they are just like God.
    These quantum laws are spaceless, timeless and immaterial, because when there was no space, no time and no matter, there were still these quantum laws. (Alexander Vilenkin’s model)
    These quantum laws are all-pervading, because these laws act equally everywhere.
    These quantum laws are scientists’ God.

    N.B. Scientists will have a nervous break-down if some day they come to know that quantum laws are not eternal.

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